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Say No To Drug Abuse In Liberia, Help Rehabilitate Liberian Youth At- Risk - Zokos

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Every year over Tons of illicit drugs (Cocaine)are brought into Liberia at an alarming rate. Hundreds of  of youth are recruited daily nation wide by these illicit  drug in street corners,ghettos and slums to the disorderly use of illicit  drug in Liberia, from more developed western countries. Unfortunately, the repercussions of this have been the youths who are suppose to be the nation builder and that which Liberia development and progress depends has manifested themselves and are called "Zokos". Liberia a country of 3Ls- Low,Level Literacy income inhabitants (poor young men, women and children) trying to survive have been exposed and vulnerable to these hardened substances that are coming into Liberia and consume by youth using their leisure time negatively. This harmful abuse of illicit drug by young people in Liberia has a very serious mental health implications. 

Liberia's 3Ls Low,Level,Literacy  -income inhabitants (poor young men, women and children) trying to survive see drugs as a means of easing their stress, worries and lack of opportunities due to economic hardship and supportive and rampant corruption practice. This harmful use of illegal drug in Liberia is severely detrimental to the health,Education, families and communities of these individuals who are victims. These substances when consume affect the Brian and mindset of the individual leaving one in a state of unnecessary decision-making,that which leads to increase in crime, prostitution, school dropped outs, electing wrongful leadership and a demoralized youthful society. However, Zokos (Drug victims)as they are called is more than just a name, the name Zoko is a name given to those who are victims of hardened substances that survive from dump site, prostitution,crime and dubious act in our society. Organizations has been established to curtailed the alarming situations but with no support and attention. The APYL- Association of Progressive Youth of Liberia believe that the name Zoko is a mockery and brings about youthful segregation in our society and must be stop because we are all Liberians with equal rights and all deserve better.

It is expected that Liberia's illicit and illegal drug use victims will double by 2022 if not giving serious attention now. Subsequently, the "Association of Progressive Youth of Liberia " is a non-profit organization  which is dedicated to enhancing the quality of Life for all youth in Liberia and various community at large by training and teaching youth related activities through a gender friendly means, with focus on strengthen the building of capacity of youths, families and communities. 

APYL is engaged in the following activities: 

1. Capacity Building through skills training program.

2. Teaching youth general agriculture especially in cash crops and vegetables productions.

3. To increase the level of advocacy and Awareness among youth relating to HIV, AIDS pandemic 

4. Strengthen families and communities relationship through counseling and trauma healing for youth through programs. 

5. Currently fighting the alarming drug situation in Liberia. Putting Liberia First and Say No To Drug Abuse.  

The first project we intend to support is having a Rehabilitation center in Liberia, which involved intervention, Detoxification,  Prevention, Vocational Trainings and Reintegration through farming programs. Youths who are helped must help feed their country and maintained the centers for those to come after through farming activities. This rehabilitation center if constructed in Liberia will be the first ever rehab that  also seeks to recruit and employ youth and Youth at Risk ( Zokos) to train them vocationally in the art of the craftsmanship a job with no mental health implications. This will mitigate the use of illicit drug and rebuilt a more progressive, productive, developmental youthful society.

Please help us Say No To Drug Abuse in Liberia and West Africa Most Affected drug use disorder youthful population. Please  demonstrate your support by petitioning to aid in funding this foundation.

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