Saving Humanity for Our Children's Sake. Act Now. Tomorrow is too Late.

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You may have heard a lot about this, but please bear with me!
Australia is on fire. According to the news, twenty-five people have died since September and more than 1,500 homes have been destroyed. What is more heartbreaking is that the fire has killed almost 480 million innocent and defenceless animals (almost half a billion) and destroyed more than 15.6 million acres of land. You have seen the heart wrenching pictures of burnt animals and cute Koala bears drinking water from water bottles.
Despite the devastating disaster, there is no mass movement to help Australia.
We are the guardians of the future of our children. We have a responsibility to protect the planet so that our children – your children - can enjoy the beauty of this place and its splendour the same way that we have. Events such as this are becoming more common and if they continue, our children will be losing lands, forests and animals on a devastating scale.
As the effects of climate change will continue to affect our beautiful planet, the powerful nations with advanced technology carry the burden of responsibility to protect the innocent people and animals that are or will be affected by the effects of climate change.
I invite the United Nations, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Environment Programme, the Council of the European Union and Justine Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada to treat such devastating events as a threat to humanity and deploy troops and resources to combat devastating fires in Australia. This must be made a global priority or a country might be lost forever.
Please support this plea by signing this petition and sharing it with everyone you know. What is happening in Australia could easily happen anywhere else in the world including where you live. What we fight for now would save us all in the future.
Thank you.