Save the Mothers who dies from lack nutrition

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Every year 70% of our prenatal mother's in Bangladesh suffer from Anemia. 3 millions mothers are getting pregnant every year. 5200 mothers died during the pregnancy age( 76000 children died after birth for lack of proper nutrition( 

We just come up with a formula of a food product which will have the all elements to fill up all the nutrition for the prenatal mothers. There are some foreign food products which is very costly in the context of Bangladesh. Our product will be served in a reasonable price which will be affordable to the all the families. It will be a Social Business.  This product is totally organic.

We already did a survey to the mothers about the development of our product. We have collected social support and petition signatures. Now we need a fund of 15000$ for our research, making awareness, and marketing.

  • We have started our work 8 months ago. we surveyed this time by our own fund. but now it's becoming difficult for us. So that we need your help. Your little fund will help us to make a sustainable society.