Save our women, save our nation

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"SORBOJOYA" is a project to assure women health service in Bangladesh. The purpose of SORBOJOYA is to provide safe menstrual health service to teenagers, tribal, Rohingya women and women of rural areas.

Women plays a vital role towards our nation. Nine and a half crore population of Bangladesh is women which is more than half of the total population. So, the progress of the country is not possible by keeping this huge population behind. That's the reason we need to focus on women's health and need to keep our women's safe. In Bangladesh still women are ashamed to discuss on their menstrual health. Women of rural areas, rohingya women, tribal women are unaware of safe menstrual health service. They use clothes instead of sanitary napkins. Clothes are very unhygienic and unfriendly to skin. They don’t have any idea about safe sanitation and menstrual health.

Then women who have less earning or striving in their day to day life can't afford a costly sanitary napkin. By this way women's of our country derive themselves from safe sanitation. This ignorance of women towards their health results to maternal problems and diseases. Diseases like Prostate Cancer, Cysts, Uterus Cancer, etc takes place in women's body. In Bangladesh 30 percent of the women affected by cancer sufferers from Prostate cancer. In each 2 minutes 1 woman gets affected by Prostate cancer and 11956 women are identified with the symptoms of this cancer every year. 6582 women dies each year due to this disease. It's seen that most women dies are the sufferer of menstrual diseases. When a woman dies in a family gets affected, a society gets affected, moreover a nation gets affected. Day by day orphans are growing in our country due to the death of the mother. When a lactating mother dies, it also affects the baby. The baby is derived from having the milk and care from its mother. This affects the overall growth of the child too. Middle aged women or the teenagers suffers a lot due to this diseases. They need to leave their education half way. Some who gets married can't adopt child. Women from different sectors lack on their day to day life. This scenario of the women's of Bangladesh is so shacking. So being an developing country this phenomenon is not acceptable at all.

So SORBOJOYA is trying to eliminate this unhygienic from the society. At present about 45% women don’t know about using sanitary napkin and 70% of women knows about it but are not concerned. Only 40% of the women can afford the sanitary napkins. Our aim is to reach every women of Bangladesh and educate them about safe menstrual health and the importance of using sanitary napkins during their period. If proper sanitation can be assured among the women then the percentage of diseases and the percentage of women dying due to menstrual disease can be lessened to 0%.

Our goal is to aware women about their health and make sanitary napkin available to them. By this we can save a huge population of our country which is a human resource. For this purpose we want your support to take this project further and make life better for all the women of Bangladesh.