Save Iyad Haribat

Save Iyad Haribat

July 13, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Nur Ahadi

    Iyad Haribat is a Palestinian detained citizen, who was arrested in 2002, and transferred between the prisons of the occupation and subjected to solitary confinement. He has spent 19 years in prison so far for unknown reasons.

   Iyad Haribat is currently receiving medical treatment at Soroka Hospital. He was transfered to the hospital after developing a massive internal infection. He was listed in critical condition when he was admitted to the hospital. According to official press release by the Palestinian Prisoner's Club association on July 10, Iyad was in a coma and on ventilators due to a severe internal infection that arose due to medical negligence at the prison medical clinic and because he was also denied access to proper medical care by prison officials.

     Approximately a month ago (June 2021) Iyad developed a urinary tract infection. According to the Prisoner's Club, when the infection worsened and Iyad was not able to urinate due to inflammation, the prison administration did not transfer Iyad to the hospital but rather to the prison clinic. There the staff inserted a tube into his bladder to empty the bladder, which was done incorrectly causing internal bleeding and urine to leak into his abdomen, causing a massive infection. Iyad suffered severe internal bleeding and went into a coma. 

     In Soroka hospital, Iyad has had at least 6 operations to correct the infection and internal damage to the bladder tube, as well as medication to eliminated the infection which had spread throughout his body. The Prisoner's Club association also notes that Iyad suffered a neurological collapse after a injection in the prison medical clinic as well as severe chemical burns and injuries due to abuse by prison officials. 

     Throughout his 19 years of incarceration, Iyad has been in solitary confinement multiple times, the last of which contributed to the deterioration of his health since 2014. It is the position of the Prisoner's Club that prison authorities committed a medical crime against Iyad by denying his appropriate treatment and delaying his transfer to the hospital. 

     Additionally Iyad Haribat was subjected to two assassination attempts. The first was in 2014, after he was injured by the occupation forces' suppression of the prisoners of "Ramon" prison, and he was transferred to the prison clinic. In the clinic he was given an  injection in the head that caused him to lose his memory and the ability to move the limbs. The second time was in 2017, after he was transferred to Soroka hospital. The Israeli occupation representatives sprayed him with a substance that turned his whole body into black, and he lost 40 kilograms of his weight. Iyad Haribat had stayed in a psychiatric hospital for four months, and the treatment of occupation only worsened his condition. 

    Therefore, with this petition: 

We the undersigned demand that Iyad continues to receive the proper treatment needs in accordance with his doctor's advice, including extended stay in hospital as long as needed to recover fully. 

We the undersigned demand that Iyad has the consistent access to visits with his family and lawyers. 

We the undersigned demand the Red Crescent Society and other humanitarian organizations to be permitted to visit Iyad consistently to ensure he is receiving proper care, in hospital and when he is transfered back to prison. 

We the undersigned demand Iyad Haribat to be released due to the medical negligence.


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Signatures: 2,792Next Goal: 5,000
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