Save history culture and museum.

Save history culture and museum.

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Started by Anna Bell

Save “Abbott museum”

  • first educational museum for research in Hazara vicinity.
  • assert of the culture, history and museums.
  • Describes local culture and traditions, educating districts schools colleges and universities students on daily basis.
  • source of education,research, tourism etc.
  • if adopted seriously it will  attract massive attention from tourists  .
  • can be a source of economical stability.
  • revenue generating hub.
  • facilitate local community to research on their door step.
  • ganhara culture,artifacts and antiquities are in danger.
  • buddhas life story in painting in process.
  • coins collections. 
  • Large no of donations.

but unfortunately local district government of abbottabad kpk pakistan is ready to demolish old historical building and build shopping mall there for commercial purpose. 

I sadly request to all concerned authorities to come forward to stop this unethical act. And save this museum abbottabad. This is only assert by which our new generation will know about our past.

And history knows those nations destroyed who had forgotten their past. 

By demolishing this museum we will face

  • Lost of historical building.
  • loss of research hub.
  • tourism badly suffers.
  • lost of our identity.
  • local government and Hazara University also want to destroy this only museum of archeological and ethnological in hazara region from university.
  • Employees will suffer
  • researchers will badly suffer
  • specially we will  loose the place of our identity our children education source and our pride.
142 have signed. Let’s get to 200!