Save Australia

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Since September - some part of Australia has been burning.   Our friends have always lived with bush fires but the destruction and devastation in 2019 is unprecedented.  And the fires continue to burn out of control and escalate.

Over 1,000 homes destroyed.  Lives have been lost.  Towns wiped out.  It is estimated that billions of animals have been killed.  Entire animal species are feared extinct.  And thousands of acres of land destroyed.

Traditions, customs, ways of life jeopardized if not lost.

The economic burdens have not been fully realized - businesses are destroyed or closed; property & health insurance tolls will be significant; and the tourism industry is crippled.

To date - only New Zealand, the United States and Canada have sent support to fight the fires. 

 Australia needs our help - the help of the world.  They need our help putting out the fires and rebuilding what can be rebuilt.  Help while they mourn what cannot be rebuilt or restored.  

Please sign this petition asking the governments and peoples of the world to help one of our own - Australia and its wonderful people.