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Australia In the News-Our friends continue to struggle

Thank you for your signatures - I continue to share the link on the pages of governments & new outlets - and will join Twitter which I hope will allow us to raise greater awareness.

The comments are amazing - thank you for taking the time to leave them.   

We've seen the pictures - charred animal carcasses, kangaroos looking for an escape, a child accepting a medal of honor for his father, a fallen fire fighter, fires ferociously burning, towns gone - one heart breaking image after the next.

Headlines over the past 48 hours include

  • Military rescues residents as entire towns burn to the ground
  • Families split up during evacuations
  • "Houses were exploding'
  • Tens of thousands stranded
  • Tourists sent to beach for refuge
  • 15 people killed
  • 100’s of homes destroyed
  • 10 million acres burned in New South Wales
  • 12 million acres total burned
  • Half a BILLION animals potentially killed

Kudos to Canada, New Zealand and the USA - the only 3 countries who have stepped up.  They have sent support in the way of firefighters over the past few days.

Australia - we continue to keep you in our hearts, thoughts & prayers.  


Nancy Cheladyn
1 year ago