Sanction Donald Trump

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Yesterday, one man supplemented the overwhelming view of the international community including many of the citizens he proclaims to represent with his own view.

This has set in motion a state of events which could lead to the destabilisation of the middle east and to war. 

The Iran nuclear deal was no mere toothless entity but one dedicated to the preservation of peace, the promotion of de-nuclearisation and to stop a state from creating nuclear weapons.

The United States, regardless of the opinions of one man, signed in good faith an agreement with Iran. One man will end that agreement unilaterally and breach that agreement.

It is a fundamental construct of any agreement and/or contract that both parties must be held to the same standard for it to be fair. In terms of this deal, the consequences for Iran were economic sanctions and other punitive measures. Yet, President Trump believes that he should not be held to that same standard.

The world cannot trust a leader, nor the country he leads, which changes position on agreements and seeks to dismantle them based on who is in elected office, but the citizens of a country should not be punished for the actions of one man.

Donald Trump is the one responsible for breaching this agreement with Iran and putting us all at risk, it, therefore, follows, in the pursuit of justice that he alone should bear the consequences of his actions.

We, the undersigned, do hereby call on the United Nations to call for the immediate application of punitive measures including sanctions which would have applied to Iran had they not met the pre-requisite terms of the agreement; but for those punitive measure to be applied to the President of the United States, his personal wealth and his assets so as to serve as a reminder that one man cannot arbitrarily override a deal signed in good faith between parties.

This is the methodology the courts would apply to such a situation in business contract law and Mr Trump understands this because he is a business owner. His decisions, should, therefore, be held to that standard and the applicable punitive measures taken against his person. 


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