RWANDA NOT TO INTERFERE 26/4/ 2018 Peaceful Protests aganst Magufuli,s Brutal Dictatorship

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Tanzanians are going to take the streets of Major cities in a peaceful protest against President Magufuli's Brutal Dictatorship which is obsessed with police brutality to citizens (including live shootings); political assassinations; lack of freedom to news media; lack of individual, political and religious democracy; money laundering and rapid deterioration of the country's economy.

They want him to step down and the country acquire a newly fair constitution of the people that provides for free and fair elections as well as responsible political leadership. This will allow for the people of Tanzania regain the authority over their country which will yield positive results in the county's political, economical, health, social and educational development.

RWANDAn President Kagame is likely to interfere the peaceful protests by secretly deploying his police forces in acts of assisting his fellow-quick-becoming dictator, Magufuli. This FACT because Kagame gets lots of economical benefits from this relationship and above all the protests are signs that the Rwandans will learn from Tanzanians so that Kagame's dictatorship is also at risk. And it is well known that Tanzania has a shortage of police by ratio of 1/1,050 to the country's population.

Tanzanians hence, urge the United Nations through its Security Council or any other responsible organ issue OFFICIAL NOTICEs to both Rwanda and Uganda NOT TO INTERFERE the peaceful protests by giving military support to Magufuli's government. If they do not honor the notice, UN has to take strict measures including sanctions against the two (Rwanda and Uganda).