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Rashtriya Swayemsevak Sangh (RSS) is a Hindu extremist group founded in India in 1925 modeled after the Nazi movement in Germany.  Ever since its inception, it has been involved in numerous acts of violence and vandalism targeting India's religious minorities like Muslims, Sikhs and Christian's. 

Founding father of India, MK Gandhi was also assassinated by a member of this group in 1948.  Members of this group were involved in anti Sikh Pogrom in 1984 when thousands of Sikhs were massacred all over India.  This group also destroyed historic Babri Mosque in 1992 and after the demolition of that mosque, thousands of Muslims were massacred all over India.  

Indian Prime Minister Modi is a member of this group.  In 2002, when Modi became the Chief Minister of Indian state of Gujrat, RSS members went on a rampage killing 2000 Muslims while Modi told Police not to intervene.  Now that Modi has become PM of India, he announced discriminatory citizenship laws targeting Muslims and then he used violence perpetrated by RSS thugs and police to quell peaceful protests by Muslims and secular forces.

We request RSS to be declared a foreign terrorist group and all funding to RSS be stopped from U.S.A

RSS in India has been involved in so many roits. They are a huge danger to india. They want india as a Hindu State.