Roll back Indian anti-farmer bills.

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The Indian Farm Reforms, 2020 were passed by the Lok Sabha on 17th September 2020. Indian farmers are protesting against these bills because, these bills will lead to corporatisation of agriculture. 

The global experience across agricultural markets demonstrates that corporatisation of agriculture without a concomitant security net in the form of an assured payment guarantee to the farmers results in the exploitation of farmers at the hands of big business.

These bills pose a significant challenge to small and marginal farmers who constitute 86 percent of the agricultural class. The protesting farmers are being treated in the most inhumane way; tear gas, trenches, barricades, water cannons are being used to deter the protestors. Their human rights and democratic rights are being violated. 

The farmer associations have demanded the government to roll back the anti-farmer bills. We need your assistance help our farming brothers and sisters get their rights, and to be treated with dignity and respect. Kindly sign this petition to extend your solidarity with the protesting farmers.