“Right to be Human” by Indian HOPI Nation

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The intent of this proposed U.N. Resolution on Right to Be Human is to draw international attention to the desecration of Colorado Plateau called Siipa’puni and Siipa’pu, which is the heart, caused by uranium and coal mining and now the proposed construction of Grand Canyon Escalade luxury resort on the confluence of Colorado and Little Colorado River.

Siipa’puni is one of the oldest, holiest shrines in the world. Hopi call it: “The Place of Emergence” from the Third World to the present Fourth World civilization.

The shrine is located near the confluence of the Little Colorado River and the main Colorado River. It is the site of the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade project, a luxury resort with a gondola-tramway to take millions of tourists to the bottom of the canyon to wine and dine and enjoy a spiritual experience. Investors are the greedy capitalists who have no respect for our value, beliefs, and practices.

Diversion and groundwater and impoundments of the Little Colorado River by farmers, ranchers, and government activities, along, with Peabody Coal mining on Black Mesa is also destroying Siipa’puni.

We are calling on our indigenous brothers and sisters all over the world to help us. We can no longer be silent. The time has come for us to speak out with one strong voice. Together, we can, and will save one of our living civilizations.

For information on how you can help: email Black Mesa Trust at: kuuyi@aol.com. Visit: www.blackmesatrust.org; and right2memory.org.


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