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Right Of Self Determination

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His Excellency Mr Antonio Guterres 
United Nations Secretary General 
UN HQ 1st Avenue at 46th Street 
New York, NY 10017 USA.

Date: 8th August 2017


20 Million people of Jammu Kashmir and their Right of Self-Determination

Dear  Excellency  we  apprise  you  of  the  urgency  around  the  longstanding issue of Jammu Kashmir. We extend our sincere good will, and wish your tenures Secretary General With full of successes  in alleviating , suffering  and  exploitation  of  underprivileged   , and  like  20 million Kashmiris, the subjugated people of the world! 
As the conscience of the oppressed, exploited and subjugated millions throughout the world, we anticipate that your Excellency will make an early intervention on status of 20 million inhabitants of  Jammu Kashmir - in accordance  with  the  principles  of  the  UN Charter. Excellency as you
are  aware,  political  status of Jammu Kashmir is yet to be determined within the internationally recognized  principles  and  rights  of  peoples  to  self - determination . Since  August 13th 1947 however,  this cherished objective of freedom has been  denied to  the  Kashmiris.    Despite an existence  under  oppression and  suffering  for  almost 70 years, Kashmiris have nevertheless, remained  steadfast  in  the  struggle  to  achieve  their  inherent  and  inalienable  right  to  self determination. 
Excellency instead of engaging with the people of Jammu Kashmir, and the world community to find  an  equitable  solution  to  the issue,Indo- Pakistan confrontation and their contention over Kashmir,  has  become a danger  to peace and prosperity for South Asian region and rest of the world. Both countries are perilously close to a full scale war on daily basis. 
Since August of 2016 their military actions across the Line of Control-LOC- in Jammu Kashmir, have  resulted  in  deaths  and  injuries  to  hundreds of civilians. Armies of both countries are deployed  eye-ball  to eye ball  in Jammu Kashmir which is inimical to the well-being of civilian  population  on  either  side  of  the forced divide. Excellency both countries are

nuclear powers and as a consequence of their contention over Kashmir, are engaged in an arms race that has catastrophic implications for all concerned. 
Excellency the struggle of Kashmiri people is to decide the future status of their country. And the denial of their right to do so is a greatest injustice meted out to a people whose most cherished desire is to have peace and prosperity in their country.

We therefore urge your Excellency to take urgent steps and measures as the custodian of world conscience, to ensure that a solution of the issue is achieved for sake of peace, justice and prosperity in the region and the world according to  the UNCIP  resolution of 13  Aug 1948    Document  NO 1100.  Para 75   dated the  9th  Nov 1948  Part   llI" The Government of India and the Government of Pakistan reaffirm their wish that  the future status of the State of Jammu Kashmir shell be determined in accordance with the will of the people" 
Excellency   20  million  people  of  Jammu  Kashmir   are  eagerly  prepared to become abridge of peace between India and Pakistan in such process.

We  urge  your  Excellency  to  impress  upon  the  Indian and Pakistani government to remove all its military and paramilitary forces from the urban and rural areas of Jammu Kashmir , and  to   stop forth  - with  the  intimidation  and  oppression  of  the   civilian population. 
Excellency we are fully aware of the difficulties that a peace process over Kashmir may entail. However, as you will agree with us, there  is no alternative to peace.   Kashmiris desire nothing less than a peaceful and prosperous future for themselves and the billion and half people of India and Pakistan. We anticipate that along  with  major  issues  that blight our world, the plight of 20 million  Kashmiris  and  their  inherent ,  inalienable and internationally recognised right to freedom and democracy,  will  be an  urgent  focus  of your attention. 

Excellency resolution of the Kashmir issue is a key to peace, justice and prosperity not only in South Asia but in the world. 

With Regards

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