Revoke 9 Awards From Bangladesh "PM" Hasina: False Democracy + Police State + Child Abuse

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Bangladeshi youth are bleeding. Thousands of Dhaka’s middle school and high school students - some as young as 13 - who took to the streets recently in peaceful protest demanding road safety were beaten with hockey sticks and metal rods, injured by tear gas and rubber bullets, had limbs slashed, eyes gouged… and worse. 

The capital city of Dhaka is reminiscent of Berlin during Nazi Germany, with its own Gestapo. Complete with tactical gear, jackboots, and bats for anyone who disagrees.

Witnesses covered in TIME Magazine said police in riot gear and the Bangladesh Chhatra League, the ruling party's student wing controlled by PM Sheikh Hasina, attacked groups of students out of nowhere. [1]

Hasina and her fellow power mongers will stop at nothing to ensure you and the rest of decent humanity do not know the truth. Recently, they did something so totalitarian even Orwell's "Big Brother" would be proud of how tight their grip is.

Authorities shut down mobile internet connections as the unrest spread beyond the capital to avoid having images and information being spread online. [2]

The violent crackdown by authorities in response to a peaceful student protest is not a one-time occurrence in Bangladesh.

In recent years there have been a mounting number of extrajudicial murders and ‘forced disappearances’. To abduct opposition or anyone they view as a nuisance from their home they send plain clothed police or suspected RAB (Rapid Action Battalion - elite ex-military personnel). [3]

A Guardian article from November 2017 includes this disturbing statistic: “The Dhaka-based human rights group Odhikar claims at least 402 people have gone missing since 2009 under the Awami League administration.” That is enough missing people to fill more than 15 school buses.

There are countless examples of government critical Bangladeshi citizens, often prominent figures, being disappeared - like Mubashar Hasan, an assistant professor at a Dhaka university whose research on terrorism has been published in leading academic journals. Or the columnist and poet, Farhad Mazhar, who resurfaced more than 12 hours after disappearing in July of 2017.

Meenakshi Ganguly, the south Asia director for Human Rights Watch, said Bangladesh law did not recognize enforced disappearances. “Even when family members say they know it was security forces who were responsible, because there are witnesses, that complaint is not taken,” Ganguly said. [4]

Sheikh Hasina has abused power in her position as Prime Minister. Bangladesh is a police state disguised as a democracy. The use of violence to suppress dissent is how they operate.

Hasina’s main focus has been to stay in power rather than serve the will of the people. What they are doing is not only illegal, it is cruel and evil.

As explained by Muhibul Hasan, Dhaka Judges Court: “Section 70 of the Child Rights Act of 2013 makes physical and mental torture of children a punishable act." [5]

Omar Waraich, deputy South Asia director at Amnesty International, said the swift use of force reflects the ruling Awami League’s electoral anxieties ahead of polls to be held by January. [6]

Ironically, many people are being locked up in what can only be assumed to be concentration camp conditions, for talking about the human rights violations committed by the current administration.

TIME magazine released the story of Shahidul Alam, a renowned Bangladeshi photographer and activist who spoke out on television against the violent treatment of the students:

“When the acclaimed Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam gave an interview to Al Jazeera on Sunday, he did not have the demeanor of a man who knew he was going to be arrested. But just hours after the 63 year old finished that Skype interview from his home in the capital, Dhaka, around 20 plainclothes officers turned up and took him away.

On Monday, Alam was officially charged by police for making “provocative comments.” In the interview, he had implied support for the large student protests [...]. When Alam appeared in court, a friend said he was unable to walk by himself and showed signs of being beaten up. [7]

Asked by Al Jazeera whether the student protests were simply to do with road safety or something larger, Alam replied “Very much larger.” He cited the “gagging of the media,” as well as problems with the banks, extrajudicial killings, corruption and the need to pay protection money as reasons for students filling the streets.”

“Alam was charged under section 57 of Bangladesh’s Information Communications Technology Act, which Human Rights Watch says is a “draconian” law used to stifle the media, political dissent and even mild criticisms of the Awami League. The law was used in the April 2017 arrest of a rubber plantation worker for liking a Facebook post critical of the prime minister, as well as the arrest two months later of a newspaper editor for an article speculating about the nomination of lawmakers.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the law was even used in 2016 to lock up a 22-year-old student for making two Facebook posts criticizing Hasina’s government.  [8] Amnesty International said this about the story:

“His alleged offence was to write two Facebook posts critical of the Prime Minister’s support for a controversial coal power plant. Section 57 of the ICT Act is vaguely formulated and has for years been used by the authorities to target and imprison critics. Anyone found guilty of “publishing fake, obscene or defaming information in electronic form” can be jailed for a minimum of seven years.” [9]

Foreign policy analyst Rachel Avraham labeled Sheikh Hasina an “emerging dictator”:

“Ever since the 2014 sham elections in Bangladesh, it was a huge question mark whether Sheikh Hasina could still be considered a ruler of a democratic country or not. However, recent events have demonstrated that Sheikh Hasina is in fact no democrat but rather is an emerging Asian dictator”. [10]

Under Sheikh Hasina's rule, what was once a promising democracy has slipped into the worst kind of elitist 1% ruling class oligarchy with no regard for human rights or dignity. Earlier this year, German think tank Bertelsmann Foundation released a report [11] that said Bangladesh is now under an autocratic rule and no longer meets minimum standards of democracy.

According to The Washington Post, when the U.S. Ambassador in Bangladesh wrote a Facebook post criticizing the authorities heavy handed response to the student protests, Bangladesh’s information minister  “accused the U.S. Embassy of  “poking its nose” into the country’s domestic affairs "in an indecent way,” adding: “We condemn this." The minister’s rebuke marked the latest shot in Bangladesh’s increasingly fraught relations with Washington.” [12]

We need your help. The citizens and especially the children of Bangladesh need your help.

By stripping Hasina of her humanitarian awards, we will send a clear signal that the terror and oppression she instigates will not be tolerated by the world.

Join the movement that says enough is enough! Sign the petition now.


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Below you will find a list of awards she has received which she is unqualified for.

Global Women’s Leadership Award by Global Summit of Women.
PM Hasina was honored by the 2018 event for her “outstanding leadership in advancing women education and women entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, Asia and the Asia-pacific region”... Despite this, her autocracy is committing severe human rights violations. Pay special attention to source [3].

Planet 50-50 champion by UN-Women in 2016.
PM Hasina mentioned "I dedicate these awards to the people of Bangladesh for having faith in my vision for change". Of course, that is easy when you repress all disagreement. She goes on "We've arrived at a time in our history when gender equality is no longer an aspiration, but a real possibility everywhere". We commend her for treating all genders equally when they exercise their rights to free speech by having them beaten, silenced, or made to disappear.

Agent of Change Award by Global Partnership Forum in 2016.
PM Hasina said "I dream of a world where women's rights will be respected by all, where all forms of violence and discrimination against women will be things of the past." She said this in 2016. Again, see the human rights violations in recent events and also source [3]. She must plan to keep dreaming for a while as she increasingly tightens her grip on those she rules with an iron fist.

59th place on Forbes' list of 100 most powerful women in the world.
We imagine being able to arrest or abduct anyone in your country and have them beaten, maimed or worse for criticizing you without any reproach does qualify you to be on SOME kind of "most powerful" people list. She can have this one.

Mother Teresa Award by the All India Peace Council in 1998.
Mother Teresa Awards are awards to honour individuals and organizations that promote peace, equality and social justice, and aim to encourage the cause of justice and peaceful coexistence. People have been protesting for years and being made to disappear or been repressed with violence.

M.K. Gandhi Award for 1998 by the Mahatma M K Gandhi Foundation of Oslo, Norway.
In 1998, the Mahatma M K Gandhi Foundation of Oslo, Norway awarded Sheikh Hasina ‘M K Gandhi Award’ for her contribution towards promotion of communal understanding, non violent religions harmony and growth of democracy at the level of grassroots in Bangladesh. This does not make any sense. Please see "Here's What You Need to Know About Growing Extremist Violence in Bangladesh" in the TIME Magazine article at source [13].

The Pearl S. Buck Award by the Randolph College on 9 April 2000.
The award recognizes a remarkable woman whose life and work represent compassion, creativity, commitment to human rights, care for children, and a positive vision of the world community. She has clearly and explicitly shown her true colors which you can see in this petition.

Indira Gandhi Prize for 2009.
Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina received the prestigious Indira Gandhi Peace Prize in recognition of her contribution to peace and democracy. You have just seen the report from German think tank Bertelsmann Foundation earlier this 2018 on how Bangladesh is now under autocratic rule and no longer meets minimum standards of democracy.

UNESCO Peace Tree award for her commitment to women's empowerment and girls education in 2014. We have just seen in detail why she is not worthy of this award despite the overall global progress for women's empowerment and girls education which she can not be credited for.

UN Champions of the Earth award for leadership on climate change in 2015.
Under Sheikh Hasina's autocratic rule, the state-run Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) has signed an agreement to build a $2 billion coal-fired power plant - in 2018. [14]



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