Requesting the United Nations to send troops to save Hong Kong citizens.

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Attention! This is the war of all human beings around the world.

From June 9 to the present, Hong Kong has evolved from a peaceful, rational and non-violent expression by 2 million people, and has evolved into a conflict situation in which there have been many deaths and injuries in Hong Kong.

All because the Chinese government ignored the people's demands and allowed the police to suppress the violence against human rights and international law.
More and more people are angry, and they are on the road to violence against the authorities and the police. As a result, a large number of deaths and injuries have occurred, especially in the younger generation.

The Hong Kong Police Force has begun to use live ammunition to crack down on several universities and attack on innocent people. This is something that global people who respect democracy and human rights cannot tolerate.

And also, China's Nazi ideology and fascism have already caused great threats to the world, the world should not tolerate this type of power threatening to seek humanity. According to local Chinese information, their totalitarian monitoring of people's technology is very mature. The law is also a tool they use to maintain power, not for justice. It should not exist in a country that has a great influence on the whole world, and it is also very dangerous.

Now, Hong Kong people formally appeal to the world, especially U.N. to ask every country to send troops to rescue Hong Kong citizens and students.