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Kerala and the neighbouring city of Coorg have been battered by relentlesss rains & resultant severe flooding. All the reservoirs in the state were filled to the brim. In some cases beyond their holding capacity and finally had to be released. Mother Nature unleashed her fury. Rivers breached their peripheries and inundated the towns and villages they flowing through. Houses, shelters, buildings, Roads & Bridges submerged.

Kerala has seen 250 percent more than between Aug 8 and Aug 15 compelling the state authorities to release water from 35 precariously full dams 

More than 500 people have died,  1 million displaced and an unknown nunber of people still missing. Red alerts were issued across all 14 districts. Districts including Idukki, Palakkad, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta, Thrissur, wayanad and Alapuzha were the worst hit.There are more than thousands waiting to be rescued. In addition to the floods, the torrential rains have caused many lanslides in the upper plains and hilly regions. The National Highway was destroyed in many areas and some places have been rendered inaccessible even for rescue operations. 70, 000 kilometres of roads damaged.

The flood waters didn't discriminate between man and land. More than 950,000 hectares of crops have been devastated. 200, 000 farmers affected, Animals & Birds died. Communication and electricity lines disrupted. Rescue and relief centres have been set up in schools, auditoriums and aircraft hangers. With the never say die and helping attitude, many of us have also welcomed the distressed into our homes. The Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, NDRF, RAF played a major role working with state administration and police for rescue operations.

The commendable part is the involvement of the fishermen folks who were the "unsung heros" of the relief operations and the youngsters who sweated it out tirelessly rescuing people and volunteering Day & Night at relief centres. 

The flood waters have been receding and the life is limping back to normal. Help has been pouring from all over. Unfortunately for many, the need of the hour is support to rebuild their lives and the cities ravaged by water. 3700 medical camps and 2000 relief camps have been set up by the State Administration. However, We need people with technical skills and doctors to put life back on track. and of course, monetary relief to support the affected.

Based on an initial assessment, the needs are humanitarian as well as developmental. The people in the relief centres have to be provided with  food supplies, medicines, sanitation facilities, blankets and clothes amongst others. They will also require support to rebuild their lives including Shelters & homes, vocation, Roads & infrastructure which are to be laid again, Prevention of epidemic diseases, ways to rebuild their livelihoods, communal harmony and social relationships. They will also need to have awareness of efficient solid waste management systems and land use planning to dispose the waste left behind by the water, Assess the structual stability of the buildings that have been submerged under water for Days.

The state and the central administration have been putting in tremendous efforts, We would like to appeal to the United Nations, International Red Cross, WHO, Countries around the globe and citizens of the world to help us to tide through this situation.

Every hand, Every support, Every Effort, Every Penny counts