Remove France from UN Security Council Permanent Member

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France has recently hurt the sentiments of almost 2 million people of the world by their display of radical fanaticism and prejudice against Muslims. This has caused widespread anger in Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, Central Asian, African and South East Asian Muslim countries. President Erdogan has urged French Prime Minister to get his head checked while Prime Minister Imran Khan has declared that France is doing what Nazi Germany used to do in the 1940's.

       France is no more eligible to remain the permanent member of United Nations Security Council as it does not having confidence of around 1/3rd of global population. France should be immediately removed as permanent member of UNSC as a country which supports racism and prejudice against a community should not be allowed to hold veto power in United Nations.

    Share this petition everywhere to make France pay for their mistakes as Muslims consider Prophet Muhammad PBUH more dear to them than their own lives and no one has a right to officially mock the beliefs of other faith.