Removal of Priyanka Chopra as Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF

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We demand UNICEF remove Priyanka Chopra from the position of Goodwill ambassador after her recent comments on Twitter advocating for military action amid the tense situation between India and Pakistan.

In her recent tweet Priyanka Chopra showed clear support for the air space violation by the Indian Air Force in Pakistan with a blatant disregard for the implications such sentiments could have on the tense situation between Pakistan and India.

We strongly believe that an individual that shows no desire to call for peace in situations that require level headedness and impartiality should NOT be allowed to represent the UN in matters of peace and conflict resolution.

The UN must remove Priyanka Chopra from her post as Goodwill Ambassador to show that they are still commited to upholding the principles of peace and impartiality even if their representatives have failed to uphold them.