Denounce Afar people ethnic cleansing in Djibouti.

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Mohamed Hassan
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Djiboutian Government is settling Issas refugees from Ethiopia and Somalia in Gobaad region in Djibouti.  The indigenous Afar people were forcibly displaced from Bakerreh locality with what amount to ethnic cleansing.  There is a Djiboutian military presence in Bakerreh to expel and dissuade Afar indigenous people from returning to their ancestral land.

United Nation High Commissionner Filippo Grandi sponsors and legitimise this ethnic cleansing. Bakerreh Afar traditional elders complained to the Djiboutian Regime to no avail.  They have been threatened with violence or even death threats.

We call on Djiboutian regime and the UNHCR commissioner Filippo Grandi to stop this ethnic cleaning.  There are no refugee crisis in Ethiopia or in Somalia anymore.  People can move to settle within these two peaceful countries today safely under Dr Ahmed Abiy, the Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Price winner. It is the same in Somalia under President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo.

Ismaïl Omar Guelleh’s Issa Djiboutian regime is using the refugee card to settle his Issas counterpart from Ethiopia on Afar indigenous people land and expel them from it.  This a blatant ethnic cleansing policy to drive away Afar people from their land.