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United Nations: Ratify an international environmental treaty to make "Environmental Education" a mandatory subject in schools worldwide


While the world suffers it’s largest social, political, economic and environmental crisis, the greatest challenges facing humanity are not being addressed with the depth it deserves.

Each environmental crisis a government faces is as varied as the planet itself.  However these imaginary boarders we have created no longer contain the damage being wrought, as our daily impact exists now on a global level. As the name suggests, our petition for generational environmental education isn’t a short-term answer or a Band-Aid for the issues; even those bringing it into effect won’t witness the full benefit of this plan. However, the framework already exists, and similar commitments have been made with such mandates as the Kyoto Protocol.  The difference is instead of forcing immediate change on an existing system, we can influence the next generation of politicians, entrepreneurs, consumers, so that the change is inherent.

Environmental education has evolved, and today it represents the key to transforming the relationship between mankind and it’s environment.

Generational education is the only viable and cost effective long-term solution to the crisis we face.  We should disregard the imaginary boarders that exist, and allow children from all socio-economic backgrounds to play a role in humanities future. With this petition we are not reinventing the wheel, but rather setting the wheels in motion. We are presenting a system that was started over 20 years ago. The keys and the map exist, but an opportunity was missed. They have either set the goals too far away, or were thinking too fast.

The new approach of EE provides not only traditional protectionism, but also a vision of integrating the individual and education.

Our petition is a global plan, which proposes that environmental education is taught at all educational levels, with the same seriousness as mathematics or languages, and that it becomes a basic and compulsory subject.

The transversal contents of other subjects are valid and positive, and we support that they should continue. However, the real transformation as a species will come with a new understanding of our relationship with the environment; learning to inhabit the planet without destroying it, and basing our relations on ethical, natural and inherent fundamentals.

                              This transformation is only possible with EDUCATION


A look at the institutional programs developed so far, with a cluster of unsuccessful intents by petty interests, bureaucracies, and wasted resources in favor of the “causes” that are never solved, leave no doubt that change is needed.

It is the shared vision, from all areas and even within the institutions themselves, the efforts made ​​from Tbilisi 1977, and successive international programs, and even the DECADE 2005-2014 program, which is coming to an end, have not come to fruition. 

It presents a unique opportunity to renew the methodologies in Environmental Education to refocus the prospects and challenges facing the discipline in its attempt to shape the future of our relationship with the environment.

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