Raise awareness of the mistreatment of Afghan refugees in Iran!

Raise awareness of the mistreatment of Afghan refugees in Iran!

91,541 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!
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Started by Rehan Jaji

Enough is enough!

Dozens of Afghan asylum seekers have been killed in Iran this year and yet no one has spoken about it. The only crime they did was having a different nationality. And today, once again, 14 Afghans have been burnt alive after Iranian police opened fire on their car they were travelling in. Not long ago, 45 Afghans were drowned after Iranian guards forced them into river. The Afghans workers were brought to the bank of the river, beaten and ordered to jump in the river to go back to Afghanistan. Those who could swim then jumped into the deep, fast-flowing water, while the others were beaten up and threatened with being shot before jumping or being pushed in. Of 57 workers who were forced into the river by Iranian security forces, only 12 managed to survive. They said they will investigate about the incident yet nothing has happened.

Where is the justice?!

There are approximately 2.5 million Afghan immigrants in Iran and everyday they have to deal with this kind of discrimination on a daily basis. Our Afghans that live there essentially have no choice, no one leaves their country with no justification. These are just the incidents that we are made aware of, I am sure that even much worse things are happening to them which are not reported about. They are treated like animals and their fundamental rights have been denied.

Their Islamic Leader Ali Khameini hypocritically condemns U.S. racism and ignores what is happening in his own country to people with the same religion. How can a man be capable of such inhumane acts? Iran has constantly been known to treat its surrounding neighbours with cruelty and injustice. SHAME ON THE IRANIAN GOVERNMENT AND SHAME ON THE IRANIAN POLICE!

To my fellow people who stand for human rights, please stand against the cruelty of your brothers and sisters are facing, just as you stand for other nations! Social media isn’t made aware of these issues let alone the media to help them. They may not have a voice to express this but we do! 

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The more awareness we bring to this, the better our voices will be heard!

91,541 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!