justice for all the raped children

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Since "Anonymous" come back out of the shadows, we confirm that pizza gate is real and thousands of children were affected and still in thay way. All the people who were in Lolita express or in the island of Epstein are exposed but not in jail. 

So, this petition is for all the children, all the teenagers who the "elite of USA" violated and force to do sexually things without permission. Also this kids were in contraband and the people who form part of Pizza Gate paid for them. That is absolutely insane coming of people who try to raise a new generation, who makes the law "true". 

We need to raise our voice in the name of them. I am so frustrated to know all of this and do nothing to change it. I hope you sign this petition, not for me, but for all the raped children. We have to do something, to make justice. 

Also I hope the United Nations and UNICEF will get concernd of this situation and try to "fix it".