Put an end to stray dogs in India. They are suffering. They need a home and a family.

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Hello humans, 

My name is jack. My friends call me jacky because they want to. Haha. I am a stray dog. I don't have a house to live in. I sometimes don't know where I'm going to get the next meal I eat. Will it be from the trash bin? That is if a human decides to throw some leftovers that I could manage to eat for the day. Even days or weeks. It depends. I sometimes have friends that fight for those leftovers because when it comes to food. It is the survival of the fittest or you starve or maybe die of starvation. My bones are visible right now. I am sick. I don't have strength. But any sight of food has me forgetting that I might die very soon. Or that could be my last meal. But I will rather die fighting to survive than lay sick with this lump in my leg. Yes. I have a huge lump at my left side, It is difficult for me to sleep or walk. I guess I am going to die soon. But all I can think of is food. Thinking of those yummy delicacies my friends who have human owners tell me about. One called it pedigree. Don't know what that is ! But they say it makes their tummy full and gives them nutrients. Atleast that is what their lovely owners tell them. I think about Shanon and her little babies. They would love pedigree. Shanon is a fighter. What an amazing woman She is. I try to help her fetch food. Even if it is spoilt tomatoes that we get from the vegetable seller. She gets excited because atleast her little ones get to feed. But, I sometimes get jealous of those other dogs that walk by with their owners on the streets looking healthy and without their bones so visible like mine. I wish that shanon and her little babies could get a home that will love them, feed them and protect them from wicked strangers. Because the street is a dangerous place. Just like my friend mike. May his soul rest in peace. He died one year ago due to a drunk human being who raped him and then strangled him to death. The streets is not for shanon little babies neither for herself a mother. As for me, it isn't great for a sick boy like me,  but I know I will die soon. I just wish I had a little love and a home where I could spend my last days. If I die. I want to know that shanon and her little babies are in a safe home with a family that takes care of them and love them just like the acquaintances I made who told me about their pedigree adventures and their loving owners. I know there are lots of human beings who would cherish the love I can give. I see some of them look at me in my condition. Even little kids. But, I don't just want this for myself or shanon and her kids. I want this for every single dog out there on the streets. We need a home. We need love. Most importantly we need to be off the streets. Find us a home. Help us to be man's best friend. The street is a dangerous place. Will you help ? 

Sign this petition and get us the help we need to get off the streets and into safe homes where we can get all the love we need and give back the same too.