Protect protesters rights and lives in Iraq

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Lin Malakas
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Hello world, 


This petition is written by an Iraqi civilian that holds great love and loyalty to their homeland, Iraq. Many people don’t know but currently there is an outstanding Iraqi anti-government protest that started October 1st and was shutdown by government militants that killed and injured huge numbers of Iraqis whom participated in peaceful demonstrations to demand their very basic rights of living like, better electricity, jobs, clean water, healthcare system and many more. The Iraqi government haven’t responded with valuable solutions to the Iraqi people, therefore, another huge demonstration started on the 25th of October that was lead by all classes and all religious groups of Iraq, elders and the youngest Iraqi, students and mothers, all asking for their rights and expressing their needs and wanting to change the form of the current government. On the other hand, these peaceful protesters are being stopped by live bullets and expired tear bomb that are being shot on crowds rather than in the air. These government militants have done absurd acts of violence toward all protesters, young and old, men and women in every city of Iraq to shut down the demonstrations. Huge number of people have died horrifically in this- so called peaceful demonstration- and the numbers are increasing rapidly. We are asking the united nation and any human rights platform to Strongly intervene  to protect the lives of these innocent people that are demanding their basic rights peacefully and nothing more. What is happening in Iraq right now is absurd, horrific, and  is against human rights in every way. There is no news coverage to emphasize the impact of what’s happening in the cities of Iraq right now, there is a bloodbath, and it’s against humanity. 
please I repeat, your voice makes a difference in this case, let’s make a difference and help the Iraqi people voice to be heard! 
To help in that please sign the petition and broadcast what’s happening in Iraq to the world!