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Preventing Iraqi charlatans to be reelected through the corrupt election system

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Iraq is preparing for its fourth free election, tentatively during May 2018. The controlling political powers has already made up their way to win again through an election system tailored to achieve their targeted goals. The outset was to assign the election commission by the current parliament. This entails a conflict of interests, since the commission represents the interests of the ruling parties.The main goals are to deepen the established sectarian sharing political system, sectarian polarization, and ultimately swallow the wealth of the nation. The 2014 election was really disastrous because of the widespread fraud and unprecedented rate of success of people with historic governing failure. All governments, over the last 15 years, have drastically failed in all life sectors and Iraq nowadays is the worst country on earth to live within. The were about One Trillion US dollars were dissipated without any tangible result while our people living in poverty. The sectarian sharing system made Iraqis life almost impossible. The economy is in a total failure and the corruption reach its peaks in all measures. Those corrupts almost killed the national agriculture, industry, services including health and nutrition systems. The unemployment and  the rate of crime are in their highest levels. The judiciary system is in  limbo to enforce the law because of the corruption and the control of politicians over its decisions. The politicians' gangs, whose interests are cohesive with the organized crime, are the coverup of the all kinds of crimes. The amnesty offered to the corrupts, who refund stolen funds, while they were in the office, made our judiciary system untrustful and scoffy.

We are Iraqi people suffering from the unprecedented failure of our life in all respects raise our voices to prevent those politicians to rule again through their vehicle what is so called the "independent" election commision.

We call all international organizations and the free people, all over the world, to please sign this petition to support our appeal.

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