Prevent UN from banning anime/manga/video games from Japan

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As we all know, United Nations (UN) is trying to ban anime, manga, and video games produced in Japan because it "violates human rights of women and children." This is clearly false because women actually work on these media from Japan. Another reason that the statement is false is because the said characters are fake. This means that the minors in question are not real, therefore, they technically don't have a true age or emotions.

The Japanese media has every right that any other media has. It is unlawful to ban such media as it does not promote child pornography, sexual violence, or sexism. People should have creative rights. Why are we risking our creative rights? By banning Japanese media, you are saying that you do not care about human rights at all. We all should have creative rights. This means that by banning the media in question you are treating all affected people as subjects of a cruel dictatorship.

We need to make UN aware of our problem! I really do believe that we all have the right to watch anime. I believe that we all have the right to read manga. I believe that we have the right to play the video games we want to play. I am currently 15 years old and have been watching anime and reading manga for pretty much my whole life now. I really do not want to live to see anime, manga, and video games from Japan get banned!

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