Preservation of our monument in Mullivaikal (Sri Lanka)

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I am writing a text to the UN for the justice for Tamils, which is no longer there because of the oppression of the Sri Lankan Government. For years, the Tamils have been suffering under the genocide, caused by the Sri Lanka state. The memorial, Mullivaikal
Tamil Genocide Memorial, was of great value to the Tamil people, because it was a way for the Tamils to identify themselves. There was not much left for the Tamil people . Thousands of Tamil victims are still suffering from the war. Thousands of Tamils have disappeared as a result of the war. In the end, thousands of innocent victims were executed. Our monument should still be preserved on our soil and the Sri Lankan State should not have rights to touch our historical artifacts, such as the already-destroyed library in Jaffna
. This was the beginning of the genocide and if the destruction of our history on our country keeps going, it will forcibly lead to the end of our people and our culture. We will fight for our justice, because we proudly want to maintain our Tamil identity. Please help us to save our identity