Please, United nation put a referendum on the syrian crisis.

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From the eruption of Arab spring started on 2011, world has literally watching the worst situation of Syrian civil war, which only focusing on capturing the government’s regime. But, eventually the innocent peoples of this country is completely suffered...That entire life system of that country completely destroyed and deteriorated far, we are the witnesses of this contemporary tragedy happening  in our presence. We the humans should come together for Syrian peoples and their innocent child’s.

As for as, Announcement of United Nations armistice program to Syria for stopping the war for 30days, this is not going to stop the war permenantly . Because, this war is waged for some other interstate groups and nations profit. But, this is not an issue I haven’t discussed.

I looking for the immediate remedy of those suffered peoples of Syria.

Who are all those involved in this war should consider the innocent child’s, men and women also affected terribly your actions. request is, Please United nation should urge immediately and send some key envoys to Syria to talk with Syrian President and the rebel groups who are all involved in this cruel war, and, nations which are all supporting Syria behind the screen will stop their actions immediately against it.

Please ask every Syrian people to decide their own regime, provide the support for their referendum.

Please stop killing innocent civilians and innocent child’s who never knows what’s going on their motherland.

We want the world to be a peaceful place to living ,not for playing wars with human life’s.