Please Stop The Horror In Rohingya! The Australian Government Must Act Now!

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" They cut off their ears and threw them into the fire" - One of the many tales of horror from an innocent Rohingyan Muslim.

In recent weeks, over 27,000 Rohingyan Muslims have fled from Burma to Bangladesh, after being forced by the Myanmar Military to transfer across the border. This is a clear example of ethnic cleansing. BEATEN, abused, raped and killed, with nowhere to turn these people are not even classified as citizens. And the world is doing nothing about it.

A recent, confronting report by the United Nations regarded the people of Rohingya as "the most persecuted people on the planet”, highlighting the cruel severity of torture, murder and gang-rape at the hands of security forces. Consider this:

- Among children below the age of 5 killed in recent violence:
More than 59% were shot to death
15% were burned in their homes
7% were beaten
2% percent died from landmine blasts.

- An estimated 6,700 people were massacred in just one month, and the death toll continues to increase. The military has taken over 300 villages and continues to peform public executions, burning, torture and rape.

- Rohingyan Muslims have been persecuted since 1982 and have been denied citizenship rights, as well as most basic government services.

The situation in Myanmar is not merely just violence, abuse or outright neglect but one of atrocities, a human rights crisis of catastrophic proportions that has resulted in the displacement of over 600,000 innocent men, women and children. We must work together with the Australian Government to ensure that we, those who have the power to do something, do not turn our backs to this dire humanitarian crisis.

We must work together to ensure that the government of Myanmar commits to a peaceful resolution and a national reconciliation. This must stop before it becomes the worst genocide of this century. Please kindly sign this petition to stand with the people of Rohingya, who continue to suffer every single day, minute and second.