Please help the good people of North Sumatra, Indonesia

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People in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, have been paying various extortions to many government endorsed local gangs (which called ormas/okp/ps)

The extortions range from "parking fee for parking in your own garage", "Protection money", "permission fee to carry your own TV into your house" from local labour organizations (SPSI,IPK,PP,SPTSI,SBSI,etc) which parts of International Labour Organization

the ones who refused to pay or pay "too little" get killed, and the police didnt do anything, thus made the capital of north sumatra province, which is medan city, got safety index of minus 3.2%

Our government turns a blind eye over this practice for decades, up until now, countless victims erased from local newspaper at the order of local gang leaders as "kepala ranting"


So we are helpless, desperate, asking for any help from foreign powers, since our own government abandoned us :)