Petitioning to Save Our Young Men's Lives from Being Ruined

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I present this petition for the United Nations to repeal, revoke and remove all laws and propaganda which result in the sentencing of young males to sex offender lists before they reach the age of legal adulthood.
Although our country is allowing us to believe our constitution is supreme and sovereign rule, it is an obvious fact that we are obliged as "citizens" as your member states to obey all laws and mandates.
This being the case (enslavement without our permission nor decency of being officially informed), I will seek a redress of this criminal grievance against our children.

It is gender discrimination at the very least.
(And while I would cry for joy if ALL males were free from the unjust placements on sex offender lists for anything other than what they were created for in the first place-to alert the community of released prisoners who served time for rape, aggravated sexual asssault, molestation, etc....repealing this ugliness should be top concern for those too young to be expected to know how to live life as an adult or know himself as an adult.
They are helpless and can not defend or protect themselves.)


Here is a definition of gender discrimination according to a highly regarded source.

According to this link under sec. 2 of "Quick Definitions"


I will assume we can settle on this definition being a universal definition of gender discrimination which we can all agree on.

According to this source and definition, it is wrong to practice actions that will deprive someone of their rights based on their gender.

With that said, I will bring up examples of blatant and criminal treatment of our young males and forcing them onto sex offender lists; under the guise of "female protection" , yet carried out as a strategy of population numbers management.

Not allowing them the right to express themselves as they wish with willing sexual partners of the same age. This is a natural law seen exercised even amongst animals in the wild.
(For those who wish to snidely propose we are not destined to act like animals on instinct, my response is a simple one-neither were we supposed to be forced to let other human beings take control of rights to our bodies and minds aside from being sold and purchased slaves.)

If a boy sends a text of himself in order to arouse a person he is engaged in a relationship with, that is a natural expression of physical and sexual instinct, choice and desire.

If these lists were being populated by brutes who were sending rude sexual material to girls who didn't ask for them, then it would be a slightly different story. Where consent has been made and understood between two young parties, mutual curiosity seekers, etc. is what is being rounded up in this injustice.

The U.N. itself has stated goals of regarding children more as adults.
Media, an admitted tool that the U.N. praises and relies on, is consistently free to do as it pleases as far as depicting rampant and explicit teen sex without challenge; many may go as far as to add that they also do so upon orders.

You can't have it both ways. 
They are either children treated as those which we take care of and respect by not exploiting them as pornographic characters.
Or they are consenting young adults following through on their personal feelings involved in human sexual coupling.
Therefore, in that case, there is a clear violation of the privacy of what should be a private affair without stranger's ogling eyes and surveillance to monitor their privates and private moments.

Preventing them from opportunities because of their gender, that's also a criminal matter.
When a person's name is put on a sex offender's list they lose all kinds of opportunities. Where they can live, where they can work, if they are allowed to buy a home according to their records.

Not least of all, it destroys many personal opportunities for happiness or less harassed lives. Potential love interests are scared away, unfairly disgusted, frightened or angered and don't often give men a chance to explain themselves.
That is a horrid assumption to be carried on the shoulders of a young male.
Before he has even become an adult.

Before his personality even has a chance to form into the kind or well behaving man he could have been. If it hadn't been for the multiple troubles and painful results of this disgraceful allowance in the form of such an unjust law.
You take away his opportunity to grow into the best man he could have been.
People think of child rapists, molesters or rapists in general when they discover people on these lists. 

Being a former free citizen, our laws already had and have laws to punish sex offenders severely. Ruining my son's life, my father and my brother's lives for assumptions concerning "protecting females" is crude and inane. Ironically, forcing such a heavy hand on matters we women do not ask you to enforce also levels a most insulting addition of treating us as "childish and helpless girls" which any group can impose itself upon to "correct matters". 

Yet, my priority is my sons and millions of other sons' lives this has and will destroy for goodness knows for how many decades to come. 

The point is that any number of opportunities are and will be destroyed based on faulty and mistaken impressions and the serving of sentences for personal actions that should be NO HUMAN'S right to govern over.

A young boy put on a sex offender list will lose resources for finding companionship, making money, building good reputations which are critical in business partnerships and crucial for interpersonal relationships.

Many will lose the resources of confidence and security destroyed by lifelong anxiety over how people will treat him, accept him or even hurt him over horrible accusations, malicious gossip and untrue assumptions over what he "did". Never mind frustration, anger or despair.
To continue this psychologically barbaric law , in my opinion, is a blatant spit in our faces.

For there really is no sensible nor humane reason to continue allowing this cruel and unusual punishment to be doled out upon our boys- because of the rules against gender discrimination blatantly being only for females.
Especially in matters of sex lives you have no business forcing yourselves into-along the line of what you've been telling young women about their boyfriends or husbands having no business forcing them into acts or actions which make them uncomfortable. I am a mother whose job is to protect my child and to stand by as you inflict further damage upon them, without recourse nor protection from multiple laws you've heaped upon them, is beyond "uncomfortable".

It is a downright heart wrenching crime.