Petition for India to be probed over disinformation campaign & misuse of UN & EU platforms

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A huge disinformation network masterminded by India was recently exposed by EU DisinfoLab in a report called the "Indian Chronicles". The primary purpose of this 15 year-old disinformation network, consisting of 750+ fake websites and media outlets in 116 countries, and dozens of resurrected NGOs is to spread misinformation and malign Pakistan on the international stage. The network has been misusing the UNHRC and EU Parliament platforms to further their agenda for the past 15 years.

We urge the United Nations Human Rights machinery, particularly the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC), to investigate how a prestigious platform such as the HRC could be misused in such a manner against a member state, Pakistan. The relevant authorities in Switzerland and Belgium must investigate the finances and transparency of the relevant NGOs registered within their jurisdiction.

We also reiterate our call that the EU authorities take full cognisance of this massive disinformation campaign against Pakistan and initiate steps to hold accountable those who misused their procedures and abused the European institutions.