Petition Against General Buratai for abuse of human rights towards endsars protesters

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The use of military to intimidate, harrass and threaten protesting civilians is a violation of the united nations human rights charter. Peaceful protest is a democratic exercise that enables citizens to hold their leaders accountable and deliver democratic dividends to the citizenry. This will yield good governance,human capital and infrastructural development.The plan to deploy soldiers in our streets under the disguise of military operation tagged " Crocodile Smile" is a ploy by Lt General Buratai to implement mindless and senseless killings of innocent and defenseless  #EndSARS protesters in the same vain he brutally massacre the Shiite Muslims and IPOB youths. These young men and women are fighting for their future: they cannot and will not be intimidated. The threat of mass murder or genocide or its actualisation will not stop them: rather it will embolden them and turn them into martyrs for democracy. Lt General Buratai must be stopped by all Democratic globally.