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Peace in Syria : Asking Human Right Activist to Intervene .

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World needs peace and stability. Genocide leads nowhere. Innocent children's have no clue of why this genocide. Human Right Activist are particularly more active in south Asian region but nobody knows  their whereabouts when it comes to Syria.Child lost father, father lost his wife and the Entire Eastern Ghouta Region is terrified. Human life in Syria is being taken just for Political Greed. Big Brotherly attitude of power houses of the world are making life of Syrians miserable to live in. Nobody need permanent members in UN when two of them are indulge in dirty politics of Syria and the other realy never cared regarding this brutality in Syria. Silence of United Nation Human Right Council proves that it all about the power.
Human Right in Syria have been violated at its peak since decades. 500+ people died in last 5 days of Syrian Civil War. Russia helping the ruling govt and US supporting the opposition. We strongly condemn and urge United Nation and UNHRC to speak up against this genocide. Childrens in Syria deserves better future. I urge everybody to sign this petition and make this world better and peaceful place to live in.

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