Overuse of Technology

Overuse of Technology

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Hello everyone,

As we are marching ahead, continuing our online jobs, classes, etc... But have you ever thought, that you are using technology more? Yes, me and my team are here to inquire about the global issue, "Overuse of Technology".

Now, this is a project from our school, so in the starting, we just thought, ha so simple. But later on, while inquiring, we got to know about many hidden problems behind this issue. Just for you, below are a few of them.

  • Eye strains cause siviour eye problems and also mainly damage the eye retina. Also in some cases, leading to complete blindness.
  • Headaches cause many problems including a person going into stress or depression.

Above are just two of them, but we found out many! So, now it all depends upon you how much you use these daily gadegts.

Now please help us by signing up for this petition. Sign up for this petition and help us spread awareness all around the globe.


Geetansh Kartikeya & Team,

SilverOaks International School, Hyderabad.

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!