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Outlaw All Forms Of (Anti-Gay) Conversion Therapy In The USA

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Conversion therapy is the group of pseudo-scientific (meaning they aren't proven to work) therapies designed to 'cure' gayness or similar 'illnesses'. Clearly being LGBT is no illness of any sort, it's a human right.

Forms of conversion therapy include (but are not limited to):

  • Electroshock Therapy
  • Icepick Lobotomies
  • Chemical Castrastion
  • Aversive Techniques
  • Masturbatory Conditioning

At best, they are odd therapies that don't work and will cause a patient distress. At worst, they are odd therapies that don't work and will cause lifelong brain damage. I'll provide a quick summary of a couple of techniques. Note that no technique has been proven to work and all have been proven to cause damage to the recipient.

Electroshock therapy:
The 'patient' is bound tightly to a chair, clipped with jumper cables (the kind that you use on a car battery) in several places on their body, and repeatedly shocked while being read bible verses. It leaves subjects with clamp marks, burns, and long lasting brain damage which can cause extreme depression. It has a very high suicide rate and there are no reputable studies proving that it is successful. To quote a survivor:

"In the decade that followed my time in conversion therapy, I lost grip on reality. I ended friendships and relationships without a second thought, entertained suicidal thoughts because I considered myself unlovable. When people claimed they loved me, I never believed them. My counselors taught me to hate the word, to mistrust anyone who said it to me. And though there are still days, over a decade later—when I can’t get out of bed because of the self-loathing it taught me—I have been one of the lucky ones."

Icepick Lobotomies:
This one is quite simple. The frontal lobe of the brain is cut away in a brief procedure. This is ridiculously damaging to a person as they lose all of the functions of that lobe. 

Chemical Castration:
Drugs are used to reduce the sex drive of the patient, to the point where they essentially become asexual. It can be very harmful. It caused one of the smartest men ever, the genius Alan Turing (you can thank him for the invention of the computer) to lose his genius and shortly after commit suicide. See here:

Aversive Techniques:
This covers some already mentioned techniques, but one that I have not yet mentioned is the forced ingestion of distressful and nauseating drugs while being shown homoerotic material in an attempt to associate the two and dissuade the body from enjoying homoerotic sexual activity.

Masturbatory Conditioning:
I cannot find any data online listed for this currently.

In short, all of these therapies are damaging and ineffective. Even if you are in support of 'curing' gayness, this is not the way to do it. The only way this could be successful is if you remove a person's capacity for sexual attraction whatsoever or if they pretend to be straight simply to stop the torture. Both of these are immoral. The deaths from this are orders of magnitude higher than the 'successes'.

Bear in mind that this therapy can costs thousands per week, and since it doesn't work the organisations that do it can be classed as fraudulent. In addition, it's often forced onto minors, who don't want to do it but can't stop it. This damages them for life. At the very least, it should be banned on minors. Watch the video for more information (not my video, if you own it please contact me to discuss removing it or similar if you would like that to happen).

Please sign this petition to stop this torture. 

I'm petitioning to the President of the US (Mr Trump, I don't think he'll listen to be honest) and to the UN Committee on Torture, so that they may be able to stop this torture on an international scale. If you think there is any other governing body or person I should petition to please let me know!

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