Organization UN in Iraq

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Hello, I am a resident of Iraq and I hope you will extend my petition to you and accept it.

I ask you to open an office for the United Nations Organization in my country, Iraq, because there are many people who are threatened in this country, especially in the last time it passed I am one of those who threaten those who call and pray every day so that this day is not the last day of their lives ... the conditions have deteriorated in all respects ... in terms of safety, in terms of services and even education ... There is no person who has to live in The fear and fear of an explosion on the street or a person who has kidnapped him have even reached the point that some people have led them to this pressure to commit suicide......If you do not agree to my request, this will lead to more casualties and to the destruction of Iraq ....Please, we need you to get out of Iraq. Not everyone has the possibility to travel to other countries to apply to the UN