Stop the ongoing genocide in southern Kaduna and bring the Government to question

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The people of Southern Kaduna State in Northwest Nigeria have been subjected to continuous attacks and killing by Fulani herdsmen leaving thousands of innocent and vulnerable people butchered in their sleep by these daredevils. They have been driven from their ancestral lands and same occupied by their killers.

These same killer herders also release their cattle into their farms to destroy their only source of livelihood. The people are currently living in penury in the midst of the continuous attacks. The governments have failed to provide security for the lives and property in the community. The governments have failed to apprehend the individuals or groups responsible for the continuous killing of innocent southern Kaduna indigenes.

Many times the attackers attack the communities and remain there for hours without any challenge or resistance from the States security personnel only for the military to arrive after the people have been killed and the attackers left. The government follow it with 24hrs curfew incapacitating the ability of the communities to defend themselves. Most times while the communities remain lockdown under the state's imposed curfew, the killer herders again invade the communities killing scores of innocent and defenceless children and aged.

What is going on in southern Kaduna can rightly be called ethnic cleansing and genocide. We call on Human rights Organizations around the world, United Nations Organization, International Criminal Court and the government of the United States of America to intervene in this unending massacre of the innocent people of southern Kaduna.