"No war on Saturday & Sunday, soldiers are also human beings"

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Honorable, António Guterres, United Nations Organisation,

Unlike other professions a soldier serves in a very unique way, he/she endures different strain and stress in life even in peace time. A soldier, be it from any country, is always ready to undertake any mission whatsoever may be the consequences. But everybody is a human being first, so is the soldier. Dear, Secretary-General, nothing on this planet is impossible, so is this possible that a resolution may be passed under which it will be mentioned that no country can declare war or any other kind of aggression towards other country on Saturday & Sunday so that soldiers can peacefully enjoy these two days of week with their families and friends. Albeit, many countries have declared Saturday & Sunday as holidays in defense but still a considerable proportion of soldiers have to execute different duties on the weekend too due to continuous threat from their foes and adversaries. The states that are willing to agree and adopt can sign this resolution, like Geneva convention, so that it becomes reality. War should never occur anywhere, it always brings destruction and devastation but sometimes it becomes unavoidable due to greedy politicians and soldiers are utilized like pawns by these gluttonous politicians, but a soldier, unlike politicians, always remains committed to his/her country and he/she fights till the  last breath to safeguard their homeland. By making weekend as a complete holiday in defense services also, like in other civil departments and organisations, thereby we can manifest and show our love and support to the soldiers.

All this sounds very bizarre due to jingoistic and chauvinistic atmosphere we have created but we can make it happen, it is within our will and hands.Let's make it reality and keep in mind that soldiers are  also human beings.

Dear, United Nations Secretary-General, world anticipates positive response from your honorable organization.

Thank you..