Only help Naru refugees be moved to a Muslim country

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I support MSF’s call for the immediate evacuation of all asylum seekers and refugees from Nauru. Those unreasonable asylum seekers have been given many opportunities to be settled in other countries and have refused all offers. So now they need to be returned to the piece of the world they are most culturally aligned, which is in most cases, the Middle East.

After almost one year of activity on Nauru Island, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) was informed on 5th of October by the Government of Nauru that our mental health activities were ‘no longer required’ and that our activities should cease within 24 hours. This is because the asylum seekers are acting so unreasonably and NGO's like Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) have not accessed the real damage these unreasonable actions have caused to the people of Naru or Australia.

The mental health situation of refugees on the island is beyond desperate. We strongly condemn the NGO enablers for their campaign of indefinite enabling of an unrealistic dream for the asylum seekers to be settled in Australia.

This course of action, which is the real cause of the situation of mental health distress among refugees and asylum seekers on Naru. NGO's have through their repeated calls to reverse Australian law have caused a financial and social cancer to both the people of Australia and Naru.

Australia and Naru, with UNHCR procedure, have given these asylum seekers every chance to start a new life but because these far left radicals have poured false hopes in their ears they refuse to accept that when the Australian people voted to NEVER LET ANOTHER BOAT PERSON EVER SETTLE IN AUSTRALIA AGAIN, this democratic and lawful decision is not understood to be final.

The public purse of Australia and Naru is not an NGO bank account. Asylum seekers do not have the right to choose the destination of their asylum. Understand that in 2006 the 2.2 million pensioners in Australia were told that there would be no rise in their pensions. That year they moved from 22% below the poverty line to 28% below the poverty line. That is the same year asylum seekers cost the Australian taxpayer $11 Billion, for 50,000 illegal immigrants. Asylum seekers who chose not to use the UNHCR camps provided and subsidized by Australia. The total bill for pensions and services for the 2.2 million pensioners for the same period was $26 Billion. 

Asylum seekers received an average of $220,000 each while Australian pensioners on average received $11,818 each. Does that sound fair to you? It does not to me. A 30% rise in benefits to pensioners would have cost the $8 Billion and for the first time in two decades they would have been above the poverty line.

This means each of the asylum seekers stole the amenity of life from elderly people who worked for for 60 years or more for those pensions. There is a very human cost to large-scale migration and especially illegal immigrants pouring over borders. Every time you steal a dollar from the public purse you take income and services from that country's most needy. Pensioners, disabled and unemployed. 

Dr Beth O’Connor, MSF psychiatrist may be shocked  " by the many children suffering from traumatic withdrawal syndrome, ..."but did she once walk into the poor neighbourhoods of Naru or inquire about the needs of Australian pensioners. No, she did not because both Beth and her organization does not care about these people. They are cannon fodder in their far left campaign to prove they are better than everyone else. 

NGO's fool good people into believing the people of Australia and Naru are heartless, which they are not. They have funded and worked tirelessly to resettle everyone and more than 97% have been resettled (48500 out of 50000). What is left is the unreasonable and misguided. NGO's ego writes cheques from public money and robs the citizens of their life amenity. 

Stand against the unchecked far left. Support the reasonable efforts of the Naru and Australian people to resettle asylum seekers. Cancel financial support to NGO's that frustrate legitimate and honest efforts. Support the need to return taxes and services to the people who paid for them instead of the ungrateful and entitled NGO parasites. Sign this petition to end Utopian socialist ideas usurping real-world pragmatic solutions.