Stop sexual slavery of boys in Afghanistan now! Catch the pimps and the corrupt network.

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There is no one to turn to. There is no special international commission that deals with the case of organized crime in Afghanistan and that involves the military high command, the government and police authorities, the mafias of doctors - who traffic in the organs of these children who, after being exploited sexually, once their age ceases to be attractive as "dancing children" (Bacha Bazi), they are also used as suicide bombers - those who hold economic power in this Asian country, their own families, fathers and mothers, uncles, brothers, of these unhappy children. And all this is the product of an ancient tradition in which the cultural taboo, corruption at all levels, misery, moral and cultural misery, abuse of power, a long history of tribal confrontation, pedophilia with criminality are mixed and the continued violation of the human rights of the Afghan woman who lives confined to the home: illiterate, forced to go out accompanied and covered by the burqa, without access to education, health, the labor market, without rights... That absence of women makes pedophilia more attractive.

Bacha Bazi or "play with children", is a custom apparently imported from Pakistan and that is spreading throughout Afghanistan, and throughout all levels of society. The laws that prohibit it are ambiguous, and nobody seems to glimpse or provide a solution to this scourge. It affects especially children from families without resources, who give them in exchange for money. Having children is a sign of social status. The situation is increasingly complex and the laisses faire is spreading in national and international organizations and their representatives, in NGOs, the media...

I call for the creation of a special transnational commission to intervene in Afghanistan and to impose a state of emergency throughout the State, without delay of any kind; to create a body to deal with the plight of the majority of the Afghan population, as well as women's rights. I call for this corrupt network to be caught and tried and put to rest.