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Drug Addiction

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One  of the most pressing and alarming problems that society faces today is Drug Addiction.This is considered to be detrimental to the individual,family and society.There were many criminal activities and accident aired on television that were greatly link to drugs.

                 How drugs become a part of daily life for millions of people?

Living in a drug oriented society people of all ages and from different walks of life are using drugs for many different reasons.Some use drugs to help them cope with stress and boredom.Others take drugs to increase energy, to relax,to relieve pain and to escape reality.

Use of drugs can lead to addiction.Often, addiction occurs at least in part because this substances trigger a release of dopamine in the brain,which feels good.A person begins to crave more and more drugs  to get that good feeling.Once someone become addicted,his life begins to revolve around drugs.


Drugs use has many consequences.For instance,excessive drugs use can cause damage to the liver and pancreas,ulcers,diabetes,and heart problems.

Drugs can cause unpleasant mood changes,too,though.Drugs can lead to depression.Drugs cause anxiety,irritability or even paranoia .

The first evil of taking drugs has to do with money.A drug addict spends all almost all his money on drugs.The craving for drugs is so strong that is overrides all other needs.

The other evil of drug-taking is that the drug addict may turn to crime to support his expensive habit.

Taking drugs also spoil the addicts health and shorten his life. 


1. Find healthy ways to cope with stress.Finding coping methods such as exercise or meditation can eliminate the urge to try drugs.

2. Seek therapy or counseling.Many people experience highs and lows that can be difficult to cope up with.Working through problems with a mental health professional is a much more effective and long-lasting way of treating a psychological  or emotional problem.

3. Maintain a lifestyle that makes you happy.Low self-esteem and depression are major triggers for drug abuse.

4. Have things in your life that you are deeply about.If you care deeply enough the people and activities in your life,you are less likely to jeopardize them by experimenting with drugs.

5. Be aware of your family's history with substance abuse.If you know that you have a higher chance of becoming addicted,take extra precautions to avoid drugs.No matter what your background current situation is,it is possible to avoid slipping into the dangers of addiction.

Drug identification strategies,followed by effective intervention,help prevent further illicit drug use and delinquency.


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