No More Nuclear Weapons! 10 Million Signatures Campaign for abolishing nuclear weapons

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No more HIROSHIMA, No more NAGASAKI, No more HIBAKUSYA. These are voices from the hearts by Japanese People who strongly hope abolition of nuclear weapons and eternal peace, as the atom-bombed country. However, there are still 14,450 nuclear warheads (as of June 2018) in the world. Human beings are not free from threat by nuclear weapons yet.

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) aims to regulate development, production and possession of the nuclear weapons, and prevent an increase in the numbers of countries that arm with nuclear weapons. It also aims nuclear non-proliferation, nuclear disarmament promotion and peaceful use of nuclear power.

Toward the NPT Review Conference scheduled in 2020, RENGO, GENSUIKIN and KAKKIN have engaged in a campaign for the collecting signatures to seek abolition of nuclear weapons, and will sent those signatures to Japanese government and United Nations Headquarter with our hope, as the only country to have ever suffered from atomic bombing during war in the world.

We kindly ask for your cooperation by joining in our campaign “Collecting 10 million peoples’ petitions toward abolition of nuclear weapons”, to realize abolition of nuclear weapons and eternal peace in the world.