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Crude oil is produced largely in Akwa-Ibom, Delta, Rivers, Bayelsa, Ondo, Edo, Imo, Abia (Niger-Delta states) and Lagos state. In a lot of these states, drilling activities that lead to oil spills etc have caused a lot of the locals to lose their means of livelihood like fishing, farming and has impoverished families in these regions. The revenues generated from oil production have been deployed by the Nigerian government to sustain all the states in Nigeria and to build the Federal Capital Territory in the North-central into a modern city, but none of the states that contributes to the wealth of Nigeria apart from Lagos can lay claims to being a modern city. Most of these states are nothing but drilling bases where the crude oil is drilled and taken away. This has to be stopped. We the Nigerian people want the Nigerian government as well as oil multinational companies in the region to drill responsibly, by this we mean we want job opportunities that come from drilling activities created in the region and not taken out of the region so that the region that gives the oil and wealth to Nigeria also benefits from development as a result of oil production. We want the exploitation of resources in the region to end now!

The current Nigerian government lead by President Muhammadu Buhari (who is from Katsina state) has decided to sign a binding bilateral agreement between Nigeria and Niger republic to build a refinery in Katsina state in Northern Nigeria. Katsina is NOT an oil producing state and Katsina state is about 1,111.4km from Rivers state an oil producing region. The cost of building a refinery in Katsina state instead of Rivers state far outweigh the benefits. We want the Nigerian government to stop the exploitation of the oil producing states in Nigeria and to build the refinery in one of the oil producing states: Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Delta or Bayelsa (which collectively produce 90.1% of the total crude in Nigeria). This will create jobs for the the residents of this region that has been sustaining Nigeria financially for years. It will also greatly reduce the cost and dangers associated with transportation of crude oil. In addition, with the incessant terrorist activities in Northern Nigeria, building a refinery in Katsina or any other Northern state will be a major security challenge. Finally, there are no ports in Northern Nigeria - so there is no argument regarding he ease of movement of the final petroleum products. Overall, with the challenges of doing business in Northern Nigeria as a result of terrorist activities, the cost of petroleum products will keep increasing in Nigeria. The costs of building a refinery in Katsina far outweigh the benefits of building a refinery in Rivers, Akwa-Ibom, Delta or Bayelsa state.

By signing this petition, you are saying NO to exploiting the oil producing states in Nigeria. And saying yes to responsible drilling! If the Nigerian government will not drill responsibly and if multinational companies will not drill responsibly in the region, then it is time for the world to do something about it!