MUST ACT NOW Stop Genocide In Spirit of Secular Brave Daughters of Free Iran Nikta & Neda

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Title: MUST ACT NOW Stop Genocide In Spirit of Secular Brave Daughters of Free Iran Nikta & Neda

The Iranian Girls and Youth are Victims of Genocide by Islamist Clerics Regime

Plea for New Iran Human Rights Legislation for Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide by Leadership of Islamist Clerical Fascist Regime & Terror/Torture Masters

To: UN, Heads of the Free world’s democratic states, U.S. Senate & Congress, the European Parliament, UN Commission on Human Rights, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, International Criminal Court (ICC)

We, the undersigned, reporting Genocide in Iran and adopting Immortal Nikta [1]  2019 and Immortal Neda[2]  2009 as our daughters or sisters. Nikta and Neda are lionesses’ daughters of Cyrus the Great from Mother Earth who loved freedom and free society. Nikta and Neda are symbolizing bravery of many Freedom Fighter, Secular Iranian women and children in the past 40 years, fighting for their basic human rights, and freedom. 14 year old Nikta was the most recent victims of the Islamist Clerical Terror & Torture Masters of Iran.  Now we the people are asking for justice by very simple questions; Where is the Free World and UN? Where is Humanity? Where are the free world leaders who have supported or appeased Ayatollahs in the past 40 years and ignored 100s warnings by ActivistChat Petitions and open letters of Secular Free Iran Scholars and Activists [5]?

Update 12/23/2019 from Department of State @StateDept Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook: “The @Reuters Report on the massacre ordered by @khamenei_ir underscores the urgency for the international community to punish the perpetrators and isolate the regime for the murder of 1,500 Iranian citizens.”

Reports received by UN, human rights watchdogs and civil rights activists maintain that the Islamist clerical regime security forces have killed more than twenty under-eighteen-year old persons in bloody attacks on protesters and Islamist Cleric Fascist regime leadership has no shame in the face of the barbaric crimes of ordering to shoot children. [4]

From November 15-22, 2019 the Evil Islamist clerical security forces in occupied Iran fired live bullets and teargas canisters at protesters in 180 cities and towns across the country by direct orders of top Clerical Regime leadership and Shutdown Internet in Iran for Days to cover-up Act of Genocide. Amnesty International (AI) maintains that at least 208 protesters were killed (correction by @Reuters 1500 not 208), and thousands were injured and arrested.

Our Secular Free Iran Leader Prince Reza Pahlavi “Atrocities in Iran are crimes against humanity: systematic jailing, torturing & killing of countless Iranians based on cultural identity & national aspirations. Through brutal repression & mass murder, regime seeks to destroy Iranian nation & history: a genocide.”[9]

John Hopkins and Tehran University trained physician, Brilliant Mind and Scholar Prof. Ari Babaknia M.D.  New Book “Humanity, NOT “ [3], in Page 248  stated facts regarding “INACTION, IF NOT COMPLICITY …”  [3]

United We Stand Must Fight all Injustices:  

  • UN and Free World Powers Must Declare Zero Tolerance for Killing Young Girls and Children by Islamist Clerical Regime in Iran
  • We Must Fight Against Iranian Girls and Youth Genocide by Islamist Clerics Regime
  • We Must Fight Demanding for UN & ICC Justice regarding our fellow Secular Free Iran Freedom and Peace Loving Vegan Youth Member Pouya Bakhtiari #IranProtester who was shot and killed by Evil Virus Ayatollah’s regime forces.  #PouyaBakhtiari Parents and all family members must be released immediately.
  • We Must Fight Against Persecution of Baháʼís [8]
  • We Must Fight Women Stoning to Death
  • We Must Fight Forcing Women and Children to Religious Dress Code
  • We Must Fight Corrupt Islamist Clerical Religion of Corrupt Mullahs in Iran against Women and Children
  • We Must Fight Evil
  • We Must Fight Cruelty
  • We Must Fight Hate
  • We Must Fight Wars
  • We Must Fight Indifferences
  • We Must Promote Gender Equality
  • ....

Sa'adi (1215?-1292) Famous Persian Poet "All human beings are in truth akin; All in creation share one origin. When fate allots a member pangs and pains, No ease for other members then remains. If, unperturbed, another's grief canst scan, Thou are not worthy of the name of man."

For references, further details and facts visit the following PDF:

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