Mr. Erdogan: Stop targeting Syrian cultural heritage in Afrin area

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Last month, Mr. Erdogan's warplanes targeted the temple of Ain Dara, an Aramean (Iron Age Syro-Hittite) temple in the Afrin area. The temple is known to be open and small (20x30 m2).  Mr. Erdogan's regime claimed there were Kurdish fighters hiding !!.

Yesterday, Brad (aka Barad) was targeted and destroyed by Mr. Erdogan’s warplanes for the same "claim".

Brad is one of 40 ancient villages of Northern Syria, which are registered as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO (ref. # 1348) and are full of monuments of high historical, architectural and ideological values, i.e. Bara, Saint Simeon Stylites, Cyrrhus, Jerada, and Serjilla. The site of Brad was restorated in 2008 as a holy visit place for Maronite Christians from around the world.

These 40 villages represent the rural life during the Byzantine period in a well-preserved landscape that offer testimony to the inhabitants' mastery of agricultural production.

If we do not stop the aggression and the "Ottoman dreams" of Mr. Erdogan, many sites would be killed, and consequently the memories and history of the peoples in the region.