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Modi's BJP Era Hulk on Democratic Students in Delhi, India. Rescue Democracy Now or Never-

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Democratic student's union leader Kanhaiya Kumar is facing Jail in the presently grown infamous Indian Judiciary and has been rejected bail under the sever pressure from the state marshalled hooligans in Narendra Modi's BJP rule. The student’s union came under sever attacks, after raising critical questions over the BJP government's oppressive autocratic hijacking spree of the nation. Numerous police and security battalions couldn't thwart away the goons from throwing punches and kicks at him while he was led to the court in Patiala House. The first ones to transgress law & order are the very demonized practicing lawyers, yes! as you can see in the picture above, right in the capital of the so called largest Democracy in the world ( The right wings in India have in recent times many signature crimes, such as killing a fellow citizen and vandalizing his family for allegedly eating beef, beating up to death many low caste humans (perhaps, C. Darwin be very keen to conduct thesis over such species discretization by the BJP pundit outfit; regressive indeed!) , raping of Christian nuns etc. Successful in toppling the secular fabric of Indian ethos they have brainwashed masses over caste rows and superior birth privileges over other native Indians. Their numerous sister organizations bulldoze moderate voices in the communities in every sphere of social society. Caste tensions have grown unprecedented in recent times as you may also be aware of the Delhi drinking water disruption to 10 million as a spinning consequence from the deprived Indian citizens of humane conscience, those who blindly sympathies with BJP on non-other than religious grounds for a select few. In my opinion a copycat of the ISIS Hindu version.

The Indian media overnight became a bunch of lairs with the exception of a few news channel who beamed a moderate perspective, much of the former's doctored videos hover over YouTube to frame the students in anti-national sentiments. It has been now exposed that the members of BJP’s student’s outfit organization ABVP hijacked the de facto event shouting anti-India and pro Pakistan slogans (; ( Extreme fascists Hindutva movements in India are rampant with heavy bureaucratic & judicial infiltration. Also, many assault training camps are run in the subcontinent brainwashing children into hating Christians & Muslims on similar lines of Al-Qaida & Taliban terrorist camps (

Please signature this petition to free the students from unjust sedition charges and safeguard the interests of Democracy, freedom of expression and liberty to act in a civil way. It’s an appeal to every sensible Human.

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