The Silence of Autism

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I originally started a petition to go to the president of my country, President Trump. The more I reached out to Autism groups to support my petition the bigger the picture became. I was left speechless by the shear magnitude of families that are struggling without the support they need to help their country isn't just failing individuals with Autism the entire world is. It is estimated that 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with Autism. Each day more and more individuals on the spectrum are becoming adults and being thrown into the adult system that are not prepared to successfully support these individuals. These individuals do not need a "cure" as they do not have a disease. They do not need to be "fixed" because they are not broken. What they do need is compassion, support and understanding. What they need is research that covers their life span to determine what co-occurring disorders they may face. They need better services throughout their life to support their individual growth and development. Families should not have to worry whether or not a service needed will be covered by insurance. The Medical Community needs to get ahead of this as they are failing these individuals daily by their lack of education and knowledge on how to effectively treat these individuals without causing their sensory system to become so overloaded that they shut down or misdiagnosis them because they can't tell the physician what is wrong. The laws need to change to protect their civil rights and to stop the persecution of these individuals by having them arrested for behaviors that are a direct result of their disability. The world needs to prepare because the statistic that 1 in 68 children will be diagnosed with Autism is shifting as they become adults. I cannot help but wonder what the staggering number of adults who have Autism is. 192 countries have signed the UN's charter. One of the four main purposes of the UN states; cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights. Let that sink in 192 countries signed...then why are these individual's human and civil rights being violated daily? Why are their needs not being met by their governments? Why did my daughter almost die because my state lacked the knowledge and resources to successfully treat her? When is enough, enough? Our governments are ignoring the voices of our most vulnerable and their families...those that need our protection and support the most...As a mother of a beautiful 26 yr. old young  woman who happens to have Autism, I beg the UN to please step in to address the suffering and lack of services for individual's on the spectrum. This needs to be viewed as a worldwide travesty. Help bring relief to our children and their families. Give our children every opportunity to be successful and support their right to quality of life...Give us parents the comfort of knowing when we draw our last breath that our children will be cared for....

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