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Make it illegal for any educational service to force someone out of school because of their sexual orientation

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Austin Wallis is a 17 year old openly gay teen from Texas, one day in January 2015 Austin had to make one of the most difficult decisions of his young teenage life. This day he was in school and was called to the principals office of his former private christian school, the principal told Austin that he either went back in the closet (which meant Austin had to delete all of his social media and erase his digital impact on the world) or face expulsion, as he was apparently having a bad influence on the school, Austin's parents were involved, and after a few days of thought Austin made the decision to leave the school, leaving his friends and teachers behind.

Austin claims that he was not a bad student, and had students and teachers alike that loved him and were outraged that this sort of thing was happening to him.

See what Austin put in the description of his video, 'Hey guys,so this is my school situation. I'm sorry for all the tears, this was an emotional video, but i wanted everybody to know whats happening, things like this should not be allowed in our country,or anywhere, especially in our schools where we shape our children for their future . Children should not be oppressed for who they are. Help us be the change, be the change. Lets fix the world together'.

I agree with what Austin says in his video, I am a christian like Austin and i believe that this sort of thing is disgusting, why is it that in this day in age, why is it technically legal for a private school to turn around to someone gay and say 'either go back in the closet and stay there, or leave', this should not be allowed.

So if you want to help fight this sort of thing happening in the future, lets start here, lets help future young gay people from being put out of school because of their sexual orientation. I think that young people should have the right to have a safe and secure education in a school. sign this petition if you want to help the fight, share this on social media, and mention it to people, and please watch the video and decide for yourself.

The thing what really annoys me about this is that it wasn't school bullies that forced Austin out of school, it was the people who were supposed to make Austin feel safe and secure that forced him out of his former school.

As a side note, I do not want Austin to get into any sort of trouble because of this petition, if anyone sees this and you know Austin Wallis, then please, make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Austin has not once mentioned the name of the school or wore his uniform in a video.

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